Comfort Kit

Nature Creation® Herb Pack

 Herb Pack     

Made for Birth Comfort Kits – Products each mother will want and need.

  • Lip balm
  • Four-point Birthing Basics massager
  • Herbal, re-usable, hot/cold pack (mixed colors)
  • Handy tote bag

Pay on the ‘Pay Online’ page, using the ‘xxx Class with Comfort Kit’ or ‘Comfort Kit’ option.

** $25 (includes the $1.50 sales tax) when picked up at Birthing Basics

** If mailed = $25 + Postage/S&H (within the Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland region – is approximately $10.30Postage will vary when mailed to other locations/U.S. regions.) 

** If ordered and paid for at time of registration, or prior to your class materials being mailed for your class, the shipping of class materials and the comfort kit can be combined, this drastically reduces the mailing cost of the comfort kit to approximately $2.25, (more if it is shipped outside the DC Metro area).

Nature Creation Herbal Pack:

Filled with a blend of 100% natural herbs, the Herb Pack provides combined benefits of a regular Hot and Cold Pack and Aromatherapy. The uplifting and soothing aroma helps relieve tension and stress, promotes relaxation and overall wellness.

This multipurpose Herb Pack measures approximately 12″ x 6″ and can be folded to fit any body part. This versatile pack can be used either hot or cold depending on your needs or preferences. Use it hot to relieve muscle, joint, and back pain or to relieve menstrual cramps and decrease pain from uterine contractions. Use it cold to promote muscle relaxation and reduce fever, headaches and swelling. The soothing aroma helps promote overall relaxation, relieves tension, and reduces stress.

During childbirth, the combination of aromatherapy, cold and heat is an invaluable comfort measure tool!  This is an item every woman in labor should have. 

Many women have asked where they could find one like this and now, I have it available to you for purchase! 

Microwave/Moist Heat Uses

  • Relieves pain due to injured muscles
  • Relieves muscle pain and aches, especially back pain in labor
  • Relieves minor joint pain
  • Relieves minor headache
  • Promotes muscle relaxation especially in labor!

Freeze/Cold Uses

  • Relieves pain due to injured muscles
  • Relieves minor headache
  • Relieves minor burns and bruises
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Reduces swelling and fever
  • Relieves back pain in labor