Doula Support Comfort Class

It’s a DOULA & COUPLES Comfort Measures Course. Ever wondered how to help couples during this pandemic? This New and Improved Comfort Measures Course is geared JUST FOR THIS! This virtual course offers couples and their doulas the opportunity to review all the birthing techniques needed to help them through all the phases and stages of labor. You will receive a handbook to use in class and on their birth day! Positions, breathing techniques, use of the peanut ball and birthing ball, massage, acupressure, and all the comfort techniques to use during their birthing journey will be covered! IDEAL for COUPLES and their virtual doulas during this pandemic—When they go into labor, you can all be on the “same page”– literally!  You’ll learn current research about the TOP TEN techniques that have been proven effective in birth.

It is most helpful for those who desire a natural non-medicated “Mother-Friendly” birth or for those who just want to take a refresher course for baby number two!   For first-time mothers, it is encouraged that this class is taken after a regular group class.  My students say that learning my techniques not only helped in labor, but it “helped them throughout the last few months of pregnancy!”…These comfort measures are awesome, especially for those desiring a natural childbirth!

The online course is offered by appointment only!

Ideally – the birth couple should have a birthing/yoga ball (are available in different sizes for height and weight), hand massager, and heat/cool pack during the class.  The Birthing Basics Comfort Kit includes all items but the birthing/yoga ball, and the birthing couple can opt to purchase a Comfort Kit kit prior to their class.

Times: By appointment only – 2 1/2 hours

Price: $75  PER 1 Doula and 1 Couple

Prices may change without warning

No class registration will be accepted when a chosen class date is within 15 days of the due date.

** Payment is due at time of registration *Childbirthing Classes


Customer Testimonial:

“I took the Comfort Measures class just weeks before the birth of my son, and found all the tips and advice Lisa provided to be so very helpful. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to deliver naturally because of complications, and Lisa helped walk me through a variety of scenarios I might encounter.

All went well at the time of birth, and I was able to make it through labor and delivery naturally, but I recognize that this would not have been possible without the help and advice Lisa provided. She was very kind and personable, and I highly recommend her!”

Elizabeth & Ben