High-Risk Pregnancy Classes

Women with high-risk pregnancies should receive care from a specialized team of health care providers to ensure the best possible birth outcomes. The BIG question you may have during your pregnancy is: will my high-risk pregnancy impact my birth day, and how could it be different? What can I anticipate during my birth? Having someone knowledgeable to help guide you to learn how your medical condition can impact your birth plan makes a huge difference! This course is designed for you to ask pertinent questions and gain valuable answers.

  • Understand how your medical condition affects labor. (Pathophysiology)
  • Discuss how your birth plan may change.
  • Discuss what medical interventions are sometimes used during birth specific to your medical condition.
  • What can I expect for the care of my newborn after they are born, and how does my medical condition affect them?


 Risk factors for a High-Risk Pregnancy can include:

  • Existing Health Conditions
    • Preterm labor
    • Preeclampsia
    • Hypertension or chronic high blood pressure
    • IVF
    • Diabetes
    • Bleeding disorders
    • Cardiovascular, Renal and Pulmonary concerns
    • Auto-immune disease like Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
    • HIV-positive
    • Cardiac disorders or a history of cardiac surgery
    • Kidney disease
    • Cancer
  • Obesity. Obesity increases the risk for high blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, neural tube defects, and cesarean delivery. NICHD researchers have found that obesity can raise infants’ risk of heart problems at birth by 15%
  • Multiple births. The risk of complications is higher in women carrying more than one fetus (twins and higher-order multiples). Common complications include preeclampsia, premature labor, and preterm birth. More than one-half of all twins and as many as 93% of triplets are born at less than 37 weeks’ gestation
  • History of miscarriages or preterm labor
  • Young or old maternal age. Pregnancy in teens and women aged 35 or older increases the risk for preeclampsia and gestational high blood pressure

This will be a 60-minute live stream session.  Information pertaining to your special circumstance and/or special needs and how your medical history can impact your birth will be discussed.

  • 10% discount when you combine a High-Risk session with another Birthing Basics class
  • 10% active U.S. military discount (Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force)
  • Contact dan@birthingbasics.com with any class questions (please include a phone number as well as return email address)

* Discounts cannot be combined *

When should I take my class?  Ideally between your 32-36th week of pregnancy! Patients with high-risk pregnancy may want to take a course between 24-28 weeks’ gestation.

Before your high-risk course, you must have taken a regular childbirth course with Birthing Basics, or another instructor.

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Class Location:   Online

Times: To be coordinated with the instructor (or in-conjunction with the group birthing class)

Live, Q&A Session: The regular class Q&A is the Sunday evening of the course weekend.  The additional High Risk, Live Stream Q&A session will follow the regular session, or as scheduled with Birthing Basics.

$50 per couple, 1 session

$180 total discounted price per couple when the Birthing Basics, LLC Group class ($150) is combined with the Birthing Basics, LLC High Risk ($50)

Prices may change without warning

Unforeseen weather/illness circumstances may cause a class to be rescheduled/cancelled.  If this rare occasion occurs, students will be notified as the situation happens.

** Payment is due at time of registration **

Customer Testimonial:

“Lisa provided excellent information and hands-on practice exercises for me and my partner to prepare for the birth of our child. In addition to providing her considerable expertise and resources, Lisa was flexible in tailoring her presentation to our personal needs and – above all – balanced professionalism and compassion in an extraordinary way. We had specific needs related to a high-risk pregnancy and wanted to focus on breathing and pain management techniques during the birth. As a result of meeting with Lisa, we felt very empowered and prepared in both respects. She was fantastic, and we are very grateful for the many ways she helped us prepare for the birth of our baby.  Very informative with lots of hands-on demos…  As someone who has not really handled babies, it was very important to actually try things! Thanks!”

Amy & Jeff