Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring Course



Our team of Instructors welcome you to join us for an Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM) course. 

The Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring Course is a one-day workshop (pre-course online work also required) focusing on the application of fetal heart monitoring knowledge and skills in intrapartum nursing practice. It is designed by AWHONN for registered nurses and physicians who have completed a basic fetal monitoring course and use fetal heart monitoring technology in the intrapartum perinatal setting. It builds on the essential knowledge and skills gained through caring for perinatal families, and at least one year of working in an intrapartum setting is recommended for successful completion.
Clinicians whose only experience is antepartum inpatient care, antepartum fetal testing, or limited intrapartum care may need additional didactic and/or clinical experience to gain the required knowledge base.


Interpret fetal heart rate monitoring using NICHD terminology within a safety culture framework of interdisciplinary teamwork.
Describe clinical interventions and related maternal-fetal physiology to optimize fetal oxygenation.
Demonstrate collaborative communication in the perinatal setting.
Demonstrate common perinatal procedures related to fetal monitoring.

Registration Fee: (DOES NOT include course materials!): $125

ONLINE PRE-COURSE WORK is REQUIRED prior to attending the in-person class. This online work will take an estimated 3-4 hours and require the purchase of the AWHONN Intermediate Course Student Materials through Kendall-Hunt Publishing (

1. You will need you will need to have the Workshop number (below) and Instructor ID#; 36676571.

2. **Specific instructions for pre-course work are in the Student Materials.

3. Pre-course work MUST be completed at least 24 hours prior to the in-person class date, or the participant will NOT be allowed into the class (AWHONN’s RULE).

ONLINE POST-COURSE WORK is REQUIRED in the form of an online post-test and evaluation.


Faculty: AWHONN FHM Instructors

Contact Hours: 11.25 contact hours/ 11.25 CMEs
(Continuing education credit is awarded by AWHONN, ANCC, and ACCME)

Format: 3-4-hours of online prerequisite education (prior to the instructor-led portion), followed by an Instructor-led 8-hour course (plus a lunch break).

Materials: Please obtain the latest edition of the required AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Student Materials Book OR eBook from either your institution or via AWHONN/Kendall Hunt (please order about 2 weeks in advance).  You will need these materials for the after-class survey/feedback, and to get the CEUs/CMEs; Participants will have 30 days after the class ends to complete the process.

  • Intermediate Workshop – Student Material – Print Book (7th edition), ISBN  9781792489631 – $135 plus tax and shipping
  • Intermediate Workshop – Student Material – eBook (7th edition), ISBN 9798765715239 – Flat $135
    • The Intermediate Fetal Monitoring workbook can now be purchased as an eBook as well from Kendall Hunt. That means you can buy and download the book any time prior to the day of your course and avoid the shipping costs. 
  • *** You will need the individual key code that comes with the UNOPENED/UNUSED purchased book to be able to get your certificate and CEUs/CMEs!!
  • *** You need to plan on attending the entire course, without interruption(s), to meet AWHONNs requirements to receive CEUs/CMEs and the certificate

Intermediate FHM Course(s) being offered –** Time Zones ** are depicted:

Registration ClosedWorkshop# 000W2234892 – Friday, 17 November 2023, Start Time 10:00am EST

Location: The George Washington University Hospital; 900 23rd Street NW, 3-South Conference Room, Washington, DC 20037

Instructors: Lisa-Marie Cook, BSN, RNC/OB, C-EFM; Megan Beglin, BSN, RNC/OB, C-EFM ; Anna Eisenberg, BSN, RNC/OB


Lisa-Marie Cook, Megan Beglin & Anna Eisenberg:

Please contact us should you have any questions:

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Payment and Refund policies:

  • Payments must be received 1 week prior to class starting, or you risk losing your slot to another registrant.
  • There are no refunds within 1 week of the class starting.
  • There is a $25 non-refundable cancellation fee.